Ryan Carey wraps up our week at SOLRAD with a review of Art Young's Inferno, originally published in 1934 and now published in an original art edition by Fantagraphics.
Today, comics critic Matt Vadnais makes his SOLRAD debut with a review of COle Johnson's self published comic THE DARK OF THE FOREST.
SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman has a new review of WAKAME & WAVE & INFINITY, a 2019 release from Instagram-famous cartoonist and illustrator Little Thunder.
To wrap up the week, our editor Daniel Elkin looks at the challenging fever dream of a comic DAY OF THE CORVID by cartoonist Spencer Hicks.
Today marks Latonya Pennington's debut at SOLRAD with a review of Niobe: She Is Life from Stranger Comics.
Ryan Carey evaluates the constant re-invention of Casanova Frankenstein's Tad Martin with his review of TEARS OF THE LEATHER-BOUND SAINTS.
SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey takes a look at the simultaneously immersive and alienating EIGHT-LANE RUNAWAYS, which comes out next week from Fantagraphics.
Ryan Carey takes some time today to explore the fragmented nature of THE MARCHENOIR LIBRARY by Alex Degen, published by Secret Acres earlier this year.
Today's review from Ryan Carey explores the personal and political YEAR OF THE RABBIT, published earlier this year by Drawn and Quarterly.
Today, Ryan Carey takes us through Chris Cajero Cilla's latest one-man anthology, THE SLEEP GAS, published by Fantagraphics Underground in 2019.
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