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Fieldmouse Press has launched its latest publishing season on Crowdfundr. Alex Hoffman gives you the scoop today on SOLRAD! Help us make these books!!
Please help us continue to run SOLRAD by partnering with us financially! We need your help to keep going.
Let's start your Monday with SOLRAD's Publisher Alex Hoffman and EIC Daniel Elkin as they sit down to discuss IT HURTS UNTIL IT DOESN’T By Lanei Kasir.
SOLRAD's publisher, Alex Hoffman, returns with a review of Lily Thu Fierro and Generoso Fierro's VESSEL, self-published in 2022.
For your Wednesday, Alex Hoffman and Daniel Elkin discuss R. Kikuo Johnson's NO ONE ELSE, published by Fantagraphics in 2021. Enjoy!
SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman brings us a review of Guy Delisle's FACTORY SUMMERS, published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2021. Enjoy!
Alex Hoffman takes a look at February's publishing plan for SOLRAD, and announces our new Assistant Publisher, Ed Haynes!
Welcome back! SOLRAD's publisher, Alex Hoffman, shares some news, makes some requests, and previews some upcoming work!
SOLRAD's publisher, Alex Hoffman, sits down with a selection of contributors to kuš! comics latest anthology, š! #43 'Queer Power', as well as kuš! comics' publisher, David Schilter for a wide-reaching interview.
Alex Hoffman explores the link between culture and colonialism in his review of Lane Milburn's LURE, published earlier this year by Fantagraphics.
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