Alex Hoffman
Today on SOLRAD, Alex Hoffman shares his thoughts about Art, Capital, AI, and A Review of "This One Summer" by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki
Today on SOLRAD, our own Alex Hoffman returns to reviewing with a look at GOLDEN BOY: BEETHOVEN’S YOUTH by Mikael Ross
Announcing our latest book, MariNaomi's I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME, which is now available for preorder on Crowdfundr!
Alex Hoffman takes a highly personal look at Mirion Malle's THIS IS HOW I DISAPPEAR, published in 2021 by D&Q. TW: depression, suicidal ideation.
In this wide-ranging essay, SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman discusses the different aspects of Maus and comic's love-hate relationship with transgression (often for transgression's sake).
Fieldmouse Press has launched its latest publishing season on Crowdfundr. Alex Hoffman gives you the scoop today on SOLRAD! Help us make these books!!
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Let's start your Monday with SOLRAD's Publisher Alex Hoffman and EIC Daniel Elkin as they sit down to discuss IT HURTS UNTIL IT DOESN’T By Lanei Kasir.
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