Helen Chazen returns to SOLRAD with this months edition of COMICS GRIDLOCK which looks at a couple of manga releases connected by the slender thread of their category: LGBT manga. 
Today on SOLRAD, Daniel Elkin reviews MEMORIES by Desmond Reed and, in doing so, considers the question of "identity".
Rob Clough is back on SOLRAD continuing his examination of the NOW anthology published by Fantagraphics.
Today on SOLRAD, our own Alex Hoffman returns to reviewing with a look at GOLDEN BOY: BEETHOVEN’S YOUTH by Mikael Ross
Today on SOLRAD, Helen Chazan is back with another COMICS GRIDLOCK column focused on horror manga because it's late November.
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown returns to review KEEPING TWO by Jordan Crane, published by Fantagraphics.
Today, in his first piece for SOLRAD, Bradathon Nu reviews Tatsuki Fujimoto's one-shot, JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG
Today on SOLRAD, Keith Silva returns with a review of the debut heartfelt, funny, and powerful memoir, A PROS AND CONS LIST FOR STRONG FEELINGS, by Will Betke-Brunswick, published by Tin House
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