Today on SOLRAD, Hagai Palevsky returns with a review of BABY ROSE MARIE SINGS "COME OUT, COME OUT" by Jenna Cha
Today on SOLRAD, Helen Chazan is back with her capsule review column, COMICS GRIDLOCK.
Today on SOLRAD, Tom Shapira returns with a review of THE LAST AMERICAN written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, drawn by Mick McMahon.
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown reviews PARENTHESIS by Élodie Durand (translated by Edward Gauvin), published by Top Shelf in2021 (originally 2010 in French).
Today on SOLRAD, Tynan Stewart reviews RADICAL: MY YEAR WITH A SOCIALIST SENATOR by Sofia Warren, published by Top Shelf in 2022
Today for your reading pleasure, Hagai Palevsky brings SOLRAD a review of the Grendel: Hunter Rose anthology, recently reprinted by Dark Horse.
After a month away, we're excited to have Helen Chazan back at SOLRAD with her capsule review column, COMICS GRIDLOCK. Enjoy!
SOLRAD regular Kevin Brown returns with a review of FLUNG OUT OF SPACE, a fictional portrait of Pat Highsmith, the renowned, complex, and controversial queer author.
Nicholas Burman takes a crack at George Wylesol's experimental choose-your-own-adventure comic 2120, published by Avery Hill in 2022.
Kevin Brown returns to SOLRAD with a review of TWO HEADS: A GRAPHIC EXPLORATION OF HOW OUR BRAINS WORK WITH OTHER BRAINS by Uta Frith, Chris Frith, Alex Frith, and Daniel Locke. Published by Scribner.
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