Keith Silva
Today on SOLRAD, Keith Silva returns with a review of the debut heartfelt, funny, and powerful memoir, A PROS AND CONS LIST FOR STRONG FEELINGS, by Will Betke-Brunswick, published by Tin House
Today on SOLRAD, Keith Silva returns to review TYRANNY OF THE MUSE by Eddie Wright and Dave Chisholm while quoting a former Long Island local.
For your reading pleasure, Keith Silva brings us an interview with Derek Van Gieson that is so outrageous, it has to be read to be believed. Believe it.
Keith Silva tells you everything you want to know (and probably some things you don't) about Jason Little's new comic THE VAGINA.
Keith Silva and Daniel Elkin sit down for a critical conversation about Brendan Leach's SLUM CLEARANCE SYMPHONY, from Czap Books and Grindstone Comics.
Today on SOLRAD, Keith Silva is back with a review of Katie Skelly's latest, MAIDS, published by Fantagraphics.
Today, guest contributor Keith Silva considers Rosemary Valero-O'Connell's collection Don't Go Without Me, published by ShortBox in 2019.