Today Tom Shapira returns to SOLRAD with a review of Sophie Yanow's THE CONTRADICTIONS, published this week by Drawn and Quarterly.
To wrap up our week here at SOLRAD, lead critic Ryan Carey examines the excess depravity of Johnny Ryan's PRISON PIT: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION.
Today, Sara L. Jewell reviews JOHN, DEAR by Laura Lannes, and considers its connections with Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s THE YELLOW WALLPAPER.
To wrap up the week, SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey reviews DANCING AFTER TEN, a graphic memoir by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber.
We cap the week with Ryan Carey's review of 920London, written and illustrated by Remy Boydell and recently published by Image Comics.
Today we introduce Belize City-based writer and teacher André Habet, who reviews SEASONAL SHIFT by Lala Albert from Breakdown Press.
Today Rob Kirby debuts at SOLRAD with a review of THE SKY IS BLUE WITH A SINGLE CLOUD, by Kuniko Tsurita and translated by Ryan Holmberg.
Ryan Carey is back with a new review, this time setting his sights on ALL-TIME COMICS ZEROSIS DEATHSCAPE - will he like what he sees?
Tom Shapira is back at SOLRAD and today he consider's Tom Scioli's book about Jack Kirby, and asks - is this really a biography?
Today, SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman considers the way that Adriane Tomine hides his life in plain sight in THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE CARTOONIST.
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