SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey takes a crack at Alex Graham's self-printed collection of DOG BISCUITS, one of 2020's most celebrated web comics. How does it hold up?
Tynan Stewart reviews Guantanamo Voices, an anthology of real-world accounts of America's infamous forever prison.
Today we welcome comics critic Helen Chazan to the SOLRAD fold with an essay on Rumiko Takahashi's "Mermaid's Scar" published in Mermaid Saga #2 from Viz Media.
We cap the week with Ryan Carey's review of I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN by Mannie Murphie, published by Fantagraphics in 2021.
To end the week, Ryan Carey advises you to not trust appearances in Gary Panter's CRASHPAD, published earlier this year by Fantagraphics.
Floyd Tangeman debuts at SOLRAD with a review of Mara Ramirez's self-published comic MOAB, and thoughts on its ability to connect readers to the sublime.
We end the week with Ryan Carey's review of THE SEEDS by Aja and Nocenti, one of the first books from Dark Horse's Berger Books line.
This week, Nicholas Burman brings us a review of Daria Bogdanska's WAGE SLAVES, published by Conundrum in Canada & Centrala in the UK.
We finish up the week with Ryan Carey's review of Patrick Keck's PEEPERS, published in 2021 by Fantagraphics's Underground imprint.
Today, critic Keith Silva and SOLRAD's editor Daniel Elkin sit down for a conversation about THE BURNING HOTELS: A Memoir by Thomas Lampion published by Birdcage Bottom Books in 2020.
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