We welcome cartoonist Ruby May Valentine as a SOLRAD contributor with a review of Junji Ito's adaptation of NO LONGER HUMAN by Osamu Dazai.
Hagai Palevsky makes his debut at SOLRAD with an analysis of THE LONGEST DAY OF THE FUTURE and SOFT CITY. Your must read of the week!
To finish out the week, Ryan Carey takes a hard look at BLOSSOMS IN AUTUMN by Zidrou and Aimee de Jongh, published by SelfMadeHero in 2019.
Ed Howard returns with another manga review for SOLRAD, this time Natsuko Ishitsuyo's MAGICIAN A, translated by Jocelyne Allen and published by BDP.
For your Monday morning reading, SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman has a review of Bastien Vivès's THE BUTCHERY, published by Fantagraphics.
For your Friday reading, Ryan Carey takes a look at Paul Kirchner's latest book from Editions Tanabis - DOPE RIDER: A FISTFUL OF DELIRIUM.
Longtime SOLRAD Presents contributor Reilly Hadden debuts with their first review for the magazine - of Miyoshi's RABBIT GAME from Glacier Bay Books.
Ryan Carey wraps up the week with a review of ORWELL, a comics biography of the author famous for 1984 and Animal Farm. How does it stack up?
Today, Ed Howard makes his SOLRAD debut with a review of Masamura Jushichi's Children of Mu-Town, published by Glacier Bay Books.
Wrapping up a light week at SOLRAD, Ryan Carey reviews Mat Brinkman's Teratoid Heights, published in deluxe hardcover by Hollow Press.
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