Today on SOLRAD, Keith Silva returns with a review of the debut heartfelt, funny, and powerful memoir, A PROS AND CONS LIST FOR STRONG FEELINGS, by Will Betke-Brunswick, published by Tin House
Rob Clough is back on SOLRAD continuing his examination of the NOW anthology published by Fantagraphics.
Hagai Palevsky returns to SOLRAD today with an examination of PLAZA by Yokoyama Yūichi through a Debord and Juvenal lens.
Today on SOLRAD, Tom Shapira is back taking a hard-nosed look at BLACKSAD - THEY ALL FALL DOWN
Today on SOLRAD, Kawai Shen examines what is missing in the dialogue surrounding Kate Beaton's DUCKS and the consequences of that absence.
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown returns with a review of THE CON ARTISTS by Luke Healy, published by Drawn & Quarterly
Today on SOLRAD, Nora Hickey and Amaris Ketcham review THE KEEPER. Kelcey Ervick's autobio graphic novel about the Impact of Title IX
Today on SOLRAD, Kori Handwerker returns with a review of the beautiful A FROG IN THE FALL by Linnea Sterte, published by PEOW Studios.
Rob Kirby returns to SOLRAD today with a review of IT'S SO MAGIC by Lynda Barry
Today on SOLRAD, Rob Clough continues his examination of the NOW anthology series from Fantagraphics by examining the departure from safer fare of issue number four.
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