Nicholas Burman
Today, Nicholas Burman has a review of Marie-Noëlle Hébert's MY BODY IN PIECES, published by Groundwood Books in 2021.
Nick Burman returns to SOLRAD featuring a new comics anthology from Marc Charles and Extinció Edicions — Forn de Calç.
Nicholas Burman is back at SOLRAD with a review of Spugna's FINGERLESS, published last year by Michele Nitri's Hollow Press.
This week, Nicholas Burman brings us a review of Daria Bogdanska's WAGE SLAVES, published by Conundrum in Canada & Centrala in the UK.
Nicholas Burman sits down with Lisa Weill from Lyon BD, a part of the Comic Art Europe Project, to talk about the economics of comics.
Today, Nicholas Burman returns to SOLRAD with an interview with R. Orion Martin, publisher of Paradise Systems.
Today we have a fascinating interview between Tânia A. Cardoso and Nicholas Burman about comics, academia, dialectograms, and seeing the world.
Nicholas Burman reviews one of his favorite comics of 2020 - Lucy Sullivan's BARKING, published in March 2020 through Unbound.
Today on SOLRAD, Nicholas Burman looks at the COLOSSIVE CARTOGRAPHIES Series from Colossive Press
Today on SOLRAD, Nicholas Burman interviews Spanish Cartoonist GENIE ESPINOSA about her work in comics, murals, animation, and curating anthologies.
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