Nicholas Burman
Nicholas Burman reviews one of his favorite comics of 2020 - Lucy Sullivan's BARKING, published in March 2020 through Unbound.
Today on SOLRAD, Nicholas Burman looks at the COLOSSIVE CARTOGRAPHIES Series from Colossive Press
Today on SOLRAD, Nicholas Burman interviews Spanish Cartoonist GENIE ESPINOSA about her work in comics, murals, animation, and curating anthologies.
Today on SOLRAD, Nicholas Burman reviews THE MAN WITHOUT TALENT by Yoshiharu Tsuge, published by New York Review Comics in January 20.
Today we're pleased to present an interview Nicholas Burman conducted with Tommi Musturi, a Finnish cartoonist whose comics have been published by Fantagraphics.
Nick Burman sits down with James Nash and Paul Ashley Brown, two cartoonists in the UK's indie comics scene to talk about life, history, and making art.
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