As a part of our book club on THE ARTIST: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, Daniel Elkin examines the interplay ofAnna Haifisch's work and the song Sawdust McQueen.
Today we kick off another SOLRAD book club with a week of coverage of Anna Haifisch's THE ARTIST: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. Ryan Carey takes point.
To round out the week, Ryan Carey takes a look at Kevin Mutch's new book from Fantagraphics, The Rough Pearl.
Today, SOLRAD's contributing editor Rob Clough reviews four separate works of autobio comics, including work by John Porcellino, Kevin Budnik, and M.R. Trower.
Today, SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman reviews THE HARROWING OF HELL by Evan Dahm, which will be published by Iron Circus Comics in July 2020.
In today's review, SOLRAD's Editor-in-Chief Daniel Elkin considers the storytelling prowess of one of his favorite cartoonists, Leslie Stein, in her new book from D&Q.
SOLRAD's lead critic Ryan Carey takes a look at BIG DRINK, a 2019 self-published comic by Max Huffman.
Sara L. Jewell revisits When I Arrived at the Castle by Emily Carroll, and considers the things that lie lurking beneath the skin.
Guest contributor Philippe Leblanc shares his experience with Zak Sally's RECIDIVIST IV - frustrating, distressing, and unforgettable.
Today, SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman has a review of GOBLIN GIRL by Moa Romanova, published by Fantagraphics in March 2020.
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