Ryan Carey
In his last column as SOLRAD's lead critic, Ryan Carey takes on Joe Casey and Benjamin Marra's vanity project JESUSFREAK, published in 2019 by Image.
To finish out the week, Ryan Carey takes a hard look at BLOSSOMS IN AUTUMN by Zidrou and Aimee de Jongh, published by SelfMadeHero in 2019.
Ryan Carey wraps up the week with a review of ORWELL, a comics biography of the author famous for 1984 and Animal Farm. How does it stack up?
Wrapping up a light week at SOLRAD, Ryan Carey reviews Mat Brinkman's Teratoid Heights, published in deluxe hardcover by Hollow Press.
We wrap up a quiet week here at SOLRAD with Ryan Carey's review of Brandon Lehmann's new self-published collection G-G-G Ghost Stories.
Ryan Carey wraps up our week with a review of THE BACKSTAGE OF A DISHWASHING WEBSHOW by Keren Katz, published in 2019 by Secret Acres.
Ending the week of reviews on SOLRAD is Ryan Carey's take on I FEEL LOVE edited by Krent Able and Julian Hanshaw, published by SelfMadeHero
SOLRAD's lead critic sits down with cartoonist Glenn Head to talk about his comics memoir CHARTWELL MANOR, published this year by Fantagraphics.
To end this week of reviews on SOLRAD, Ryan Carey reviews the super-hero revisionism of KANE AND ABLE by Shaky Kane and Krent Able, published by Image Comics
Today, Ryan Carey ends our week of reviews on SOLRAD with his look at SUPER! MAGIC FOREST by Ansis Purins, published by the always-interesting Revival House Press
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