Our Latest Book: I Thought You Loved Me by MariNaomi — Now on Crowdfundr


Hi friends – this is Alex Hoffman, SOLRAD’s publisher. This weekend, we’ll be heading out to the Small Press Expo in North Bethesda to debut Clutter by Ariel Bordeaux, and our Spring/Summer 2022 season. But, if five new books wasn’t enough, we’re happy to announce a brand new title, coming in Febraury 2023. The Crowdfundr campaign to print this book is now live – and we need your help to make it a reality!

I Thought You Loved Me, MariNaomi’s Gen X graphic memoir, explores queer culture, feminism, race, class, sex work, and the flawed nature of memory as Mari works to uncover a long-lost best friend that she can no longer remember but can’t let go of. Mari tells the story with a mix of prose, collage, and sequential art — it’s a truly unique graphic memoir, and we’re excited to publish it.

Mari’s book comes to us at a time when queer narratives have been challenged and banned by conservative activists across the United States. MariNaomi’s own series the Life on Earth Trilogy has been one of those banned in public schools in Katy TX. We think this is a vital book, and a critical exploration of friendship, relationship, memory, and so much more, in a format that will have you on the edge of your seat as you learn more and more about the relationship between Mari and her best friend Jodie.

Just like last campaign, we’ll be working with Crowdfundr, a new platform for crowdfunding creative work, that has been built by the folks at ConnectionPoint. Crowdfundr has continued to support our work and the work of other cartoonists, and is the sponsor of this year’s SPX Ignatz Awards. We’re pleased to be named part of the SPX Creator Spotlight, and we’ll be fundraising at the show as well as online.

If you are a longtime reader of SOLRAD, we hope you’ll check out our lastest offering — we think you are going to love it.

Best wishes,
Alex Hoffman, Publisher

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Alex Hoffman is the Publisher of SOLRAD and the Secretary/Treasurer of its parent nonprofit organization, Fieldmouse Press. He has been a comics critic for Manga Widget, Comics Village, Sequential State, The Comics Journal, Comics MNT, and others.

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