SOLRAD Presents
In this week's collection of Karl C. Krumpholz's THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Oola is a wild beast, and Karl consider's Denver's black hole effect. Enjoy!
BLEH! Are you as excited as Kricket for another Kricket the Cat by Reilly Hadden on SOLRAD Presents? BLEH!
Frown the Clown faces some of his biggest fears in Micheal Aushenker's ABRACADABRA on SOLRAD Presents this week.
In the ONE HUNDREDTH edition of Reilly Hadden's Kricket the Cat on SOLRAD Presents, Kricket suffers yet more losses.
Karl and Kelly welcome a break in the high temperatures of summer, Oola fights for freedom, and more, in Karl C. Krumpholz's The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents.
I'm starting to think this Bestiary photo contest might have been a scam in Reilly Hadden's Kricket the Cat on SOLRAD Presents.
At least Presto's mishaps are entertaining even without streaming services in Michael Aushenker's ABRACADABRA on SOLRAD Presents.
Karl C. Krumpholz seeks out landlocked Denver's small bodies of water as respite from the intense July heat in The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents!
Reilly Hadden's Kricket the Cat is all alone, will you join him on SOLRAD Presents and hear about his struggles?
The Magnificent Presto needs a musical education in this week's ABRACADABRA from Michael Aushenker and SOLRAD Presents.
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