SOLRAD Presents
Throwing pitches, skipping stones, and playing with a dog in an exciting edition of Diamonds of Toronto, Oliver East's poetic exploration of Canadian baseball diamonds.
Lauren Barnett tells SOLRAD Presents about an idea she had to do with embroidering and shower curtains, and how it'll make her TikTok famous.
Scott Finch's exploratory interlude continues on SOLRAD Presents, venturing into an abstract twilight wildness.
Oliver East continues his tour of Toronto's Baseball Diamonds on SOLRAD Presents, today showing us Keith Heath's not very good week at Mooreville Park.
Going to the toilet does freak people out sometimes, come read the ever-relatable Locust Lodge from Derek Van Gieson and SOLRAD Presents.
Oliver East continues his Canadian Baseball tour as he takes us to Mimico Memorial Park where he some huffing, panting partners-in-crime.
From miscalculated plans to late night attacks, cats are so elegant when hunting their prey in Lauren Barnett's new comic on SOLRAD Presents.
SOLRAD Presents continues to join Scott Finch on his Travel Diary, through rolling hills and woods, to kisses and tears.
Derek Van Gieson transports us to a strange toilet, full of metallic creatures in today's The Locust Lodge on SOLRAD Presents.
Eldon puts things he learnt in Japan into practise, despite the kids' teasing, as Oliver East continues his responses to the baseball Diamonds of Toronto on SOLRAD Presents.
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