SOLRAD Presents
Near Death Flying Turtle, written and illustrated by Tom Lake, is a weekly exclusive comic published as a part of SOLRAD Presents.
In this week's Kricket the Cat, Ghost worries about a newly discovered spot. Kricket the Cat is self published by Reilly Hadden.
Today, we're pleased to release "Cigarette" the latest installment of Lyssa Park's Phone Book, a series of short comics exclusive to SOLRAD Presents.
In this week's The Lighthouse in The City, Karl considers the nature of communication, the foolishness of people, and celebrates the Golden Age of No Awkward Personal Contact.
In this week's Near Death Flying Turtle, our existential turtle considers beauty and being beautiful.
In today's Kricket the Cat from SOLRAD Presents, Ghost finds something beautiful. Kricket the Cat is self-published by Reilly Hadden.
Today we are pleased to present the start of Lyssa Park's new series Phone Book as a part of SOLRAD Presents. Phone Book is a collection of comics based on phone conversations. Like a phone directory filled with numerous contacts, we hope you can find the right comic to connect with.
In the third week of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl muses on the growing fatigue of isolation, of the strength we find in our loved ones, and the slow dilation of time under quarantine.
Near Death Flying Turtle presents the inner adventures and outer musings of a single turtle hurtling through the upper atmosphere. He cannot fall, he cannot land, he has no control over his trajectory. Are we relating yet?You can read new comics here, weekly, and read past comics at SOLRAD is made possible by the generous...
In today's Kricket the Cat, Kricket goes fishing and makes an unexpected catch. Kricket the Cat is self-published by Reilly Hadden.
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