SOLRAD Presents
Lauren Barnett takes us stargazing, explaining some alternative astrological signs on SOLRAD Presents today.
Tânia A. Cardoso realises she needs to look after herself as a part of her geographic-focused artistic practice in Wondering Wanderings, Wandering Cities on SOLRAD Presents.
Ian M's bilingual Japanese travel adventure, Kitajima, makes its final stop on SOLRAD Presents, let's take in that ocean view one last time.
Scott Finch's abstract Travel Diary continues on SOLRAD Presents with a pink and purple page of movement and intimacy.
Too many energy drinks and a generational divide cause issues in today's edition of Derek Van Gieson's The Locust Lodge on SOLRAD Presents.
Oliver East comes to SOLRAD Presents with his new work, Diamonds of Toronto, exploring the baseball pitches he visited while in Canada.
Lauren Barnett tries to show us how to take the perfect driving license photo in today's comic on SOLRAD Presents.
It's been a long day, so get your bed ready, let's take a rest with Ian M's penultimate Kitajima and SOLRAD Presents.
Who knew that there was a giant cat-faced robot on the moon? Come learn what's going on above us with Derek Van Gieson's The Locust Lodge on SOLRAD Presents!
Lauren Barnett shows SOLRAD Presents what desserts mean when brought to dinner parties, a useful guide to avoid looking like you've lost your mind!
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