SOLRAD Presents
Erik Nebel has partnered with SOLRAD Presents to bring you COME WELL, a series that reimagines their abstract comics and includes process images.
We're pleased to bring you the latest comic from Tom Lake's series NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE through our SOLRAD Presents imprint. Enjoy!
As the public perceives the PELICAN BASTARDS as heroes, a backlash hits Police Chief Pimco's department.
Welcome to Meeting Comics #12 from Andrew Neal! We've got three new comics for you, including a bad song by Rob and Val's full... name?
In this week's KRICKET THE CAT from Reilly Hadden, Kricket and the gang try out some new clothes!
In this week's 55 COMICS, Ellen O'Grady discusses the risks that trans women have when assaulted in prison. CW: sexual assault
The DANGER DIVER is back to teach us about a new animal - this week it's the Catena Prawn and its strange clustering pattern - care for some garlic butter?
In this week's collection of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, life in the world of Karl slowly gets back to normal... including the dreaded jury summons.
SOLRAD Presents is pleased to bring you comics from Erik Nebel's abstract series COME WELL. Enjoy the work and see Erik's process images as well.
Check out the latest cut and paste NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE comic from Tom Lake, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
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