SOLRAD Presents
The Ventura Police find their backs against the wall as liberating the Monkey in a Diaper from a funeral home propels the PELICAN BASTARDS to hero status.
In this week's Near Death Flying Turtle, the surprise is both in the comic, and the way you read it! Enjoy the latest from Tom Lake!
It's a tussle on the red carpet in this week's set of comics from Andrew Neal's MEETING COMICS, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Enjoy the latest comic from Reilly Hadden's KRICKET THE CAT series, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Things are opening back up in Denver, and Karl's getting used to some things that he hasn't had to deal with in a while in this week's collection of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY.
Our aqueous friend the DANGER DIVER has everyone seeing stars in this week's comic from Jef Harmatz - enjoy!
We hope you enjoy another of Erik Nebel's enchanting abstract comics, along with its process images, this week on SOLRAD Presents!
This week, something surfaces from the depths of the Berea Tar Pits - check out the latest page of Matt MacFarland's DARK PANTS from SOLRAD Presents!
This week, the NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE wants to talk the talk... about talk. Check out Tom Lake's latest comic, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
With Monkey in a Diaper in tow, those PELICAN BASTARDS go on a rampage...
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