Sara L. Jewell
Today we welcome Sara L. Jewell back to SOLRAD with a review of Emma Hunsinger's SHE WOULD FEEL THE SAME from UK-based publisher ShortBox.
Today, Sara L. Jewell reviews JOHN, DEAR by Laura Lannes, and considers its connections with Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s THE YELLOW WALLPAPER.
Our guest critic this week is Sara L. Jewell, who brings us a razor sharp review of THE ARTIST: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. Don't miss it!
Sara L. Jewell revisits When I Arrived at the Castle by Emily Carroll, and considers the things that lie lurking beneath the skin.
Cartoonist, critic, and ENEMIES OF THE STATE contributor Sara L. Jewell takes a step further into the Sisyphean world of Kelsey Wroten's 2019 graphic novel Cannonball.