Exclusive Excerpt “Me and My Friends” by Bailey Sharp, published in š! #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER, co-editor Michael Fikaris


Today we have an excerpt of Bailey Sharp’s latest short comic appearing in the latest kuš! anthology – #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER. DOWN DOWN UNDER is co-edited by Michael Fikaris and features alternative comics from Australia, including HTMLflowers, Simon Hanselmann, and Tommi Parrish, among others.

Bailey Sharp is a cartoonist originally from the American south, now an Australian resident living in Melbourne. She makes comics, animates, is involved with Other Worlds Zine Fair and Glom Press, and is currently the co-art editor of the Melbourne magazine The Lifted Brow. Bailey Sharp is a Center for Cartoon Studies alumnus whose work has been published by kuš!, Short Box, and Glom Press.

š! #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER is available for purchase at the kuš! comics website. kuš! comics are also distributed by John Porcellino’s Spit and a Half zine distro, and are carried in a variety of small press stores, independent book shops, and comic shops across the United States and Canada.

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