Exclusive Excerpt “Pursued by Soldiers” by Eleri Harris, published in š! #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER, co-editor Michael Fikaris

Today we have an excerpt of Eleri Harris’ latest short comic appearing in the latest kuš! anthology – #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER. DOWN DOWN UNDER is co-edited by Michael Fikaris and features alternative comics from Australia, including HTMLflowers, Simon Hanselmann, and Tommi Parrish, among others.

Eleri Mai Harris is a cartoonist, editor and journalist. Her comics have been published online and in print by The NibThe ABCThe AgeThe Sydney Morning HeraldMeanjinSymbolia, Narrative.ly and Taddle Creek. Eleri loves non-fiction comics, particularly focusing on stories from Tasmania. Her Nib comic serial murder mystery, ‘Reported Missing,’ was shortlisted for the 2018 Center for Cartoon Studies & Slate Book Review Cartoonist Studio Prize and won Gold at the 2018 Ledger Awards in Australia.

š! #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER is available for purchase at the kuš! comics website. kuš! comics are also distributed by John Porcellino’s Spit and a Half zine distro, and are carried in a variety of small press stores, independent book shops, and comic shops across the United States and Canada.

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Exclusive Excerpt “Me and My Friends” by Bailey Sharp, published in š! #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER, co-editor Michael Fikaris

Today we have a second exclusive excerpt from the latest kuš! anthology featuring Australian cartoonists.

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