October 2022
Tânia A. Cardoso returns to SOLRAD Presents with another Wondering Wanderings, Wandering Cities, considering walking through an interesting part of Amsterdam.
Hagai Palevsky returns to SOLRAD today with an examination of PLAZA by Yokoyama Yūichi through a Debord and Juvenal lens.
We arrive at our destination, and there's no McDonald's there, in the second edition of Ian M's Kitajima on SOLRAD Presents!
Karl and Kelly head to Columbus for CXC, where they meet some interesting characters, in another week of The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents!
Today on SOLRAD, Tom Shapira is back taking a hard-nosed look at BLACKSAD - THEY ALL FALL DOWN
Our hero says what we all think about the recent pages of Matt MacFarland's Dark Pants on SOLRAD Presents!
Today on SOLRAD, Kawai Shen examines what is missing in the dialogue surrounding Kate Beaton's DUCKS and the consequences of that absence.
In Kitajima, a new comic on SOLRAD Presents, Ian M takes us to rural Japan in a bilingual story about leaving your comfort zone.
Karl C. Krumpholz recovers from the flu, while Kelly gets some green chilies, in another week of The Lighthouse in the City on SOLRAD Presents.
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown returns with a review of THE CON ARTISTS by Luke Healy, published by Drawn & Quarterly
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