June 2022
Fieldmouse Press has launched its latest publishing season on Crowdfundr. Alex Hoffman gives you the scoop today on SOLRAD! Help us make these books!!
Don does what he needs to do, and Dark Lord opens up Terry's marriage, it's Andrew Neal's Meeting Comics on SOLRAD Presents!
Today on SOLRAD, Kevin Brown reviews FINE: A COMIC ABOUT GENDER by Rhea Ewing, published in 2022 by Liveright Publishing.
The Forbidden Isle's inhabitants get worn out in today's Kricket the Cat from Reilly Hadden and SOLRAD Presents.
Meet Athen's true urban wanderers, cats, in Tânia A. Cardoso's exploration of urban space, Wondering Wanderings, on SOLRAD Presents.
Today's Pill Hill by Nicholas Breutzman on SOLRAD Profile comes with a reminder to show your teeth in your dating profile.
Karl and Kelly's trip to Boston continues, before returning home to Oola the cat in The Lighthouse in the City from Karl C. Krumpholz and SOLRAD Presents.
Our friend Danger Diver swaps his helmet for a chef's hat as he shares his fish stew recipe with us in a new strip from Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents.
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