June 2022
Sedona finds out that it's hard to find work, even when you're more than qualified in ABRACADABRA from Michael Aushenker and SOLRAD Presents!
This week in Andrew Neal's MEETING COMICS, we've got nudes and job offers during COVID lockdown - enjoy the latest set of pages from SOLRAD Presents!
Today on SOLRAD, Nicholas Burman returns to review ELEPHANT and PROJECTOR by Martin Vaughn-James, recently published by New York Review Comics
Lost cameras, stolen hats, and a no-call no-show... how is Kricket ever going to get out of this mess? Check out the latest page from Reilly Hadden!
Gum on the trees and a walk in the dark, this week in Nicholas Breutzman's PILL HILL, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Today marks the end of Jef Harmatz's amazing run on DANGER DIVER. Enjoy THE END... but does it ever really end?
You know what's better than seeing the latest week of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY? Having most of the week star Oola, the feline embodiment of chaos!
Today on SOLRAD, Patrick Kuklinski talks to Rosemary Mosco about science education and her BIRD AND MOON comics
The birds of Forbidden Isle really know how to ruin a perfect moment, don't they? Check out the latest page of Kricket the Cat from Reilly Hadden!
Is it me, or has Derek Van Gieson's THE LOCUST LODGE gotten a little meta? Enjoy the latest page, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
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