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Today on SOLRAD, Helen Chazan is back with her capsule review column, COMICS GRIDLOCK.
Today we feature the fourth installment of COMICS GRIDLOCK - Helen Chazan's capsule review column at SOLRAD - this time it's reviews of manga paperbacks Helen has read while waiting for something.
Welcome to COMICS GRIDLOCK - Helen Chazan's new capsule review column at SOLRAD. Let's tackle that to-read pile, shall we?
For your Monday morning, André Habet takes a deep dive on Kawakatsu Tokushige's "Telephone, Sleep, Music," published in Glaeolia 2 from Glacier Bay Books.
Longtime SOLRAD Presents contributor Reilly Hadden debuts with their first review for the magazine - of Miyoshi's RABBIT GAME from Glacier Bay Books.
Today, Ed Howard makes his SOLRAD debut with a review of Masamura Jushichi's Children of Mu-Town, published by Glacier Bay Books.
Enemies of the State is a book club podcast featuring a rotating cast of comics critics. This episode, the SOLRAD crew talks RIPPLES by Hagiwara Rei.
Today we have an exclusive preview of Masumura Jūshichi's CHILDREN OF MU-TOWN, which is available for preorder from Glacier Bay Books.