Making Changes But Remaining The Same

Hello there, friends.

If you’ve been reading our newsletter, you know that there have been some changes occurring here at SOLRAD. Specifically, our dear friend Alex Hoffman is taking a bit of a leave from the duties as Publisher of SOLRAD in order to focus more on the book publishing side of the Fieldmouse Press juggernaut which, as it turns out, actually takes A LOT OF TIME!

So, in the interim, I’m taking over the publishing duties at SOLRAD while still being the Editor-In-Chief. Does this give me more power than I deserve? Probably. But for any of you that work at nonprofits, you know that everyone has to wear many hats in order for things to run.

What does this mean for you, the reader of SOLRAD? Actually, nothing much, really, other than the fact that SOLRAD can go back to its more regular publishing schedule, bringing you amazing writing about spectacular comics.

Speaking of which, this month will see reviews from SOLRAD stalwarts such as Hagai Palevsky, Rob Clough, Helen Chazin, Rob Kirby, Tom Shapira, and Kevin Brown. You’ll also see the return of Kori Handwerker (with an amazing review of A Frog In The Fall by Linnea Sterte). SOLRAD Presents will continue to feature the work of Karl Christian Krumpholz and Matt MacFarland. And rumor has it that we will start a new series by an amazing young artist who is near and dear to the Fieldmouse Press family.

So… there’s been a temporary change, but things will remain the same.

If you’d like to write for SOLRAD, I’d love to see what you have. Please see our SUBMISSIONS PAGE for all the details of that process.

And since you’re here, I thought it only right to ask you to consider backing the latest Fieldmouse Press publishing venture: I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME by MariNaomi.

This is a gorgeous book. Please check out the campaign for all the details.

Thank you for that.

Anyway, always end with photos of your pets

Sophie the Cat and Jelly Bean the Dog (also known as Bumble)

I hope you enjoy everything you read and see on SOLRAD. I’ll be striving to do better all the time, and I always appreciate feedback. Contact me at any time.

See you either next month or at the weekly SOLRAD newsletter.

— Elkin

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