June 2021
This week, the DANGER DIVER answers reader submitted questions with the help of the prognosticating prawn - enjoy!
Continuing our feature at SOLRAD titled "Knowing Is Half The Battle," where published cartoonists give advice on the publishing industry, today we talk with JOSH HICKS.
Karl tells us the story of Karin's assault, and shares a bit of the world coming back to normal in Denver, this time in THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY.
In this week's page of DARK PANTS from Matt MacFarland, it's not just a pair of pants surfacing from the tar pits...
In a new essay, November Garcia gives strategies to overcome creative struggle, block, and burnout to fellow cartoonists.
The Ventura Police find their backs against the wall as liberating the Monkey in a Diaper from a funeral home propels the PELICAN BASTARDS to hero status.
Kristina Stipetic returns to SOLRAD with an interview of cartoonist Zhang Ke, who gives a wide-ranging interview about working as a cartoonist in China.
In this week's Near Death Flying Turtle, the surprise is both in the comic, and the way you read it! Enjoy the latest from Tom Lake!
It's a tussle on the red carpet in this week's set of comics from Andrew Neal's MEETING COMICS, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Ryan Carey wraps up the week at SOLRAD with a review of John Cuneo's collection COPING SKILLS, published by Fantagraphics Underground.
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