June 2021
With Monkey in a Diaper in tow, those PELICAN BASTARDS go on a rampage...
We're caught up with THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY as Karl and Kelly navigate weird and aggressive behavior and a plague of electronic scooters.
The cast of MEETING COMICS walks the red carpet at the movie premier in this week's set of throwback comics from Andrew Neal!
Ryan Carey wraps up our week at SOLRAD with a review of Travis Dandro's KING OF KING COURT, published in 2019 by Drawn & Quarterly.
Even if Ghost doesn't realize it, he's not alone. KRICKET THE CAT is brought to you by Reilly Hadden and SOLRAD Presents.
In this week's comic from Ellen O'Grady's 55 COMICS series, Ellen describes the night raids that the Israeli military perpetrates on Palestinian families.
We're catching up with Karl C. Krumpholz's THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, and this batch includes Karl's monthly check in, and this lovely portrait of Kelly & Moomin.
SOLRAD's Editor in Chief sits down with John Anderson of Soaring Penguin Press for the latest installment of his PUBLISHING DURING A PANDEMIC series.
COME WELL is an abstract comics project by Erik Nebel, which reimagines their WELL COME comics alongside their process work. Enjoy!
All you fish watchers and scientists, give up your varied interests for the beauties of mollyology, this week in Jef Harmatz's DANGER DIVER from SOLRAD Presents.
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