pelican bastards
This week in the PELICAN BASTARDS, Officer Cajun's residence is rocked by an uninvited aerial guest!
In the latest episode of PELICAN BASTARDS, Officer Napkin and Dr. Inatim are caught in the act!
In this week's PELICAN BASTARDS, we've only got one thing to say --- Morgue Gunn, Free Man!!
As the Ventura Police Dept. prepares to combat the PELICAN BASTARDS with Operation K.A.L.M.A.R., Officer Napkin encounters a surprise scenario...
Dr. Inatim — Det. Hokkaido's distinguished colleague from Japan — demonstrates the potential of the pelican flock-infiltrating K.A.L.M.A.R. drone!
The Ventura Police find their backs against the wall as liberating the Monkey in a Diaper from a funeral home propels the PELICAN BASTARDS to hero status.
With Monkey in a Diaper in tow, those PELICAN BASTARDS go on a rampage...
This week, the PELICAN BASTARDS are on a mission -- call it: Operation Monkey in a Diaper!
The PELICAN BASTARDS are back to their nefarious scheming with the latest set of pages from Michael Aushenker. Enjoy!
Police Chief Pimco holds a press conference about the PELICAN BASTARDS as chapter 4 of their saga ends on a perplexing note...
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