pelican bastards
Can it be? Does Officer Cajun have a past history with those horrible PELICAN BASTARDS? Let's find out in the latest set of pages from Michael Aushenker!
Officer Cajun takes a trip down memory lane in this episode of Michael Aushenker's PELICAN BASTARDS... enjoy!
While Officer Napkin considers ending it all, Officer Cajun has his own problems, this week in Michael Aushenker's PELICAN BASTARDS!
Officer Napkin is at the end of his rope, watching Blade Runner 2049... check out the latest page of PELICAN BASTARDS from Michael Aushenker!
This week, the PELICAN BASTARDS have murdered... a murder or crows? What will these fiends think of next? Ventura PD continues its investigation!
While the PELICAN BASTARDS are out of the coop and off to Japan, let's check in with the Ventura Precinct police... what's the plan, Napkin?
The PELICAN BASTARDS are headed intercontinental as their handy work at the frat-boy crash pad is discovered... enjoy the latest page from Michael Aushenker!
Those PELICAN BASTARDS are back at it again with latest chapter from Michael Aushenker - brought to you by SOLRAD Presents. Enjoy!
This week is the finale of Pelican Bastards chapter 2, brought to you by Michael Aushenker and SOLRAD Presents. Will the cops be blown to bits?
The cops think they've located the PELICAN BASTARDS and their hideout. But have they really? Find out this week!
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