Exclusive Preview: Fizzle #3 by Whit Taylor

Today we have an exclusive preview of Whit Taylor’s Fizzle #3, an ongoing series published by Radiator Comics. The first two issues of Fizzle were released in 2019, and the series is planned for at least another 2 issues. Fizzle is Radiator Comics’ second large-scale publishing project.

Whit Taylor is a cartoonist and editor from New Jersey. She lives there with her husband and two cats. Other titles by Whit include Madtown High (self-published), The Anthropologists (Sparkplug Books), Ghost Stories (Rosarium Publishing), and Ley Lines No. 17: Smile (Czap Books/Grindstone Comics).

Radiator Comics distributes and handmade, self-published, and small press comics by over 60 comics artists. Radiator Comics’ Fizzle subscription covers the first five issues of Fizzle. Issues #1 and #2 debuted at Chicago Alternative Comics Expo 2019. Future issues will be released approximately twice a year. In addition to each issue of Fizzle, subscribers will receive supplementary zines, stickers, and other extra items between issues. More information can be found at https://radiatorcomics.com/fizzle-subscription.

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