Exclusive Excerpt: THINK I’VE STILL GOT IT by Wang XX, from Paradise Systems

Today we have a treat for you, an exclusive preview of Think I’ve Still Got It, the latest project from small press Paradise Systems, who largely translate and publish comics from China’s burgeoning small press scene. They are currently running a Kickstarter for Think I’ve Still Got It, which is the first official translation of the comics by Wang XX; in China, these comics have become something of a cult phenomenon. Since beginning the semi-autobiographical Seal series in 2015, Wang XX has built a fictional, animal-populated universe through hundreds of comics and illustrations. Wang XX’s Seal comics have been collected into two print anthologies in China, but this will be the first official translation of the series, and it has about 1 week left in its funding period. We hope you enjoy this preview!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign page below!

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