Extract: Storm Clouds Collected by Ben Mitchell


If you are like us, you’ve been watching the news of the Australian Bushfires with a mix of anxiety, dread, and nausea. The entire continent in crisis, with millions of animals affected, and over 200 species in critical need of support.

Australian cartoonist Ben Mitchell has partnered with UK-based publisher Good Comics to produce and distribute a special Bushfires Relief edition of his book Storm Clouds. We’re happy to give you a special look at the book today. Every purchase of the book will result in a $10 donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief, and a $10 donation to WIRES (The Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service).

If the comic looks interesting, and you’d like to support these charities, you can get yourself this special edition through Good Comics or directly from Ben himself.

Ben Mitchell is a cartoonist based in New South Wales, Australia.

Good Comics is a UK-based independent publisher and distributor of comics, zines and graphic novels.

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