Exclusive Excerpt: ‘Morning Dew’ from SEASONAL SHIFT by Lala Albert

Today we have an excerpt of Lala Albert’s new collection SEASONAL SHIFT published by UK-based publisher Breakdown Press in November 2019. Lala’s work examines place where the sexual body interfaces with mental ambiguity. SEASONAL SHIFT is the first of hopefully many collections of Lala’s formally-inventive, genre-spanning works.

Lala Albert is a Brooklyn-based artist and comics writer. Her longer works have been published by Breakdown Press, Kuš! and Sonatina, and her short comics have been included on Vice.com and in anthologies released by Landfill Editions, Megapress, Retrofit and others. She has exhibited at Harpy Contemporary Art Gallery and been praised by Dash Shaw, The Comics Journal, Hyperallergic, Vice, The Beat and more.

SEASONAL SHIFT is available for purchase at the Breakdown Press website. A selection of Breakdown Press books are distributed to the book trade in the USA through a partnership with Fantagraphics.

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