In this week's Kricket the Cat, sometimes all you need is a good socially-distanced cry.
Check out the latest page of KRICKET THE CAT from Reilly Hadden, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Kricket touches on a sensitive subject (and learns more about the family estate) in this week's episode of KRICKET THE CAT from Reilly Hadden!
Kricket learns more about his Aunt Mona and her monster hunting past, this week in an all new KRICKET THE CAT from Reilly Hadden!
Kricket has encountered a vampire in his family cave - vhat vill the future hold for our feline friend?
Now that Kricket's house has been destroyed, he's looking for new digs - maybe he can move in with Aunt Mona?
After his battle with the slug house, Kricket is back on SOLRAD Presents - enjoy the new illustration style from Reilly Hadden!
In the final strip of KRICKET THE CAT Season 2, Part 1, Kricket has clearly learned his lesson... or has he?
This week on KRICKET THE CAT, Old Man Catfish faces the Slug-House. Will our friends end up on top? Find out!
Today Old Man Catfish learns of Kricket's "slug problem." KRICKET THE CAT is brought to you by Reilly Hadden and SOLRAD Presents.
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