SOLRAD Presents: Yehudit by Shimrit Elkanati

Humdrum Comics Collective is a group of six Israeli cartoonists, illustrators and multi-media artists. We collaboratively produce annual themed anthologies featuring guest artists, as well as exhibitions, festivals, workshops and other comics initiatives.  The members of Humdrum are: Omer HoffmannHila Noam, Dan AllonHadar ReuvenOvadia Benishu, and Keren Katz. Our books are designed by Gnat Micro Press designer Maya Marom. 

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SOLRAD Presents: The Boys by Hadar Reuven

Today, we have the pleasure to present "The Boys," which was published in the Humdrum anthology "Gang" in 2016.

SOLRAD Presents: Military Post Address Kzioth by Dan Allon

Today from the Humdrum Collective, we have Military Post Address Kzioth by Dan Allon. It was published in Humdrum #1, an anthology of true stories which begin in the buildings the authors were born in.

SOLRAD Presents: Up In Smoke by Hila Noam

Today we have Hila Noam's comic UP IN SMOKE from Humdrum Comics' anthology HIDEOUT, published in 2018.

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