SOLRAD Presents: 55 Comics – Freedom House, 1967-1975

Today we’re proud to introduce another face to the SOLRAD Presents program – Ellen O’Grady. Ellen is an artist from Durham, NC. Ellen’s new series, 55 Comics, covers a wide range of topics both personal and political, including stories and events that have been overlooked or misrepresented in mainstream media.

Ellen O’Grady lives in Durham, North Carolina. Recent work can be found in Scalawag magazine. You can also find her on Instagram.

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4 Responses
  1. sarah cross

    This is EXACTLY the history we need right now to inspire us to move past a capitalist economy into mutual aid and solidarity. I’m so grateful for Ellen’s clear language and visuals and this essential history lesson. Thank you!

  2. Brian O'Grady

    Ellen O’Grady’s graphic history of Freedom House made me proud of people doing good work in their communities. I feel inspired to look for and do something to remove the obstacles that hold people in my community back. Fantastic history lesson.

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