Exclusive Preview: BREAKWATER by Katriona Chapman

Today we have an exclusive preview of Katriona Chapman’s second major graphic work, Breakwater from Avery Hill Publishing. At an old art deco picture house, Chris finds a new friend… then has to decide if she has room in her life for one. In Breakwater, Chapman explores the joys and drawbacks of choosing a casual job over a career path, mental health issues, and the burden that comes with letting other peoples’ problems into your life. The book will be published in the USA on November 10th, 2020.

Katriona Chapman is an illustrator and comic artist/writer living in London. She publishes small-press books and zines under the name of Tomatito Press, and, in 2013, she co-created the graphite anthology Tiny Pencil alongside Amber Hsu. She works as Head of Marketing and New Business Development for Avery Hill Publishing. Since 2015 Chapman has published eight issues of Katzine. Her first graphic novel, Follow Me In, was published by Avery Hill in 2018. Breakwater is her second novel-length comic.

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