Our friend Danger Diver swaps his helmet for a chef's hat as he shares his fish stew recipe with us in a new strip from Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents.
This week, our friend the DANGER DIVER is talking to a scallop. It... doesn't go well. DANGER DIVER is brought to you by Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents!
This week in Ellen O'Grady's 55 COMICS, a quiet moment of contemplation and domesticity. 55 COMICS is brought to you by SOLRAD Presents.
Let's catch up with Karl C. Krumpholz's THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY with the week of May 12-18; check back each Wednesday and Friday until we're back in sync!
Jonathan Gaboury investigates recent comics and comics-adjacent work to search for the empathic demand of the human face - and finds the opposite.
We’ve just finished recording Enemies of the State #11 and we’re on to picking our next book. Since this is the first time we’re offering this perk, we’re letting all Patrons vote on the next book we feature on the podcast. For all future podcasts, anyone in the $10 and up pledge area (Blurgits and...