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This week in Tom Lake's Near Death Flying Turtle, what do you say when you don't have anything to say?
We're back with SOLRAD Presents and the latest comic from contributor Tom Lake in his NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE series. Enjoy!
In this week's NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE from Tom Lake and SOLRAD Presents, our soaring green reptilian friend offers us a word of advice.
We're pleased to bring you the latest comic from Tom Lake's series NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE through our SOLRAD Presents imprint. Enjoy!
We're back with another comic from Tom Lake's NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents - Enjoy!
In this week's NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE from Tom Lake, our flying reptilian friend makes a big demand - accept things in their wholeness.
Even when faced with the unseeing and unknowing void, there's always... breakfast. Enjoy another NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE from Tom Lake!
Today we are pleased to show off the latest project from our very own Tom Lake, YUM PO YO #1, a one-person anthology featuring all of Tom's comics.
In addition to the preview of Yum Po Yo, we have the latest NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE from Tom Lake, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Enjoy the latest comic in Tom Lake's ongoing series NEAR DEATH FLYING TURTLE, where a flying turtle asks difficult questions.
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