Nicholas Breutzman
Gum on the trees and a walk in the dark, this week in Nicholas Breutzman's PILL HILL, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Today's Pill Hill by Nicholas Breutzman on SOLRAD Profile comes with a reminder to show your teeth in your dating profile.
Experience the trials of modern dating as a single father, as a new chapter of Nicholas Breutzman's Pill Hill begins on SOLRAD Presents.
Story ideas are not coming together despite a detailed spreadsheet in Nicholas Breutzman's Pill Hill.
A pensive chapter of Nicholas Brutzman's Pill Hill on SOLRAD Presents, as our hero recalls tragic events he's witnessed.
Nicholas Breutzman's Pill Hill confronts us with an impossible question: How do you write a detective story with no knowledge of crime? Will any answers be revealed? Find out on SOLRAD presents!
Nicholas Bruetzman's Pill Hill takes a melancholy turn on SOLRAD Presents this week as Henry misses his mother.
Nicholas Breutzman teaches us the risks of using a snake as a belt in this installment of Pill Hill on SOLRAD Presents.
Henry cooks us up a tasty ouroboros to fuel existential crises in Nicholas Breutzman's Pill Hill on SOLRAD Presents.
Lonely raccoon streams, missing belts, and mysterious hissing sounds abound in Pill Hill from Nicholas Breutzman and SOLRAD Presents!
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