matt macfarland
And if you thought the snake blood thing wasn't bad enough, now's your chance to check out the latest page of DARK PANTS from Matt MacFarland!
Come drink some snake blood with us in this week's Dark Pants from Matt MacFarland on SOLRAD Presents.
Things are about to get freaky in this week's page of DARK PANTS by Matt MacFarland...
Put on your shadiest trousers, it's time for Matt MacFarland's Dark Pants to return to SOLRAD Presents after its brief hiatus!
Ahead of its return with fresh pages, we thought a recap of the last few pages of Matt MacFarland's Dark Pants would be useful on SOLRAD Presents.
Let's all have a laugh and enter a mysterious door in Dark Pants from Matt MacFarland and SOLRAD Presents.
Do you get it? Do you get the joke? If you laughed, then enter Matt Macfarland's Dark Pants on SOLRAD Presents.
Can you remember what the password was? What do you think of Nixon? It's Matt MacFarland's Dark Pants on SOLRAD Presents!
We get some warnings in Matt MacFarland's Dark Pants today, make sure you don't blow it! Read on SOLRAD Presents now!
It's always good to get some advice from a new drinking buddy. It's Matt MacFarland's Dark Pants from SOLRAD Presents.
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