Ian M
Ian M's bilingual Japanese travel adventure, Kitajima, makes its final stop on SOLRAD Presents, let's take in that ocean view one last time.
It's been a long day, so get your bed ready, let's take a rest with Ian M's penultimate Kitajima and SOLRAD Presents.
It's a struggle returning to the room in Ian M's bilingual Japanese adventure, Kitajima, on SOLRAD Presents.
Ian M takes SOLRAD Presents home after a day out in Kitajima, his liminal bilingual journey through Japan, but where is the light switch?
Beer is good, and snacks are considered in today's edition of Kitajima, Ian M's Japanese adventure on SOLRAD Presents!
A bus journey and a lonely meal by the sea as Ian M's Japanese exploration comic reaches a downbeat moment on SOLRAD Presents.
Sudden danger cuts a lovely stroll through the park short in another edition of Ian M's Kitajima on SOLRAD Presents!
Dry your hair and do some people watching, it's Kitajima, Ian M's bilingual Japanese adventure on SOLRAD Presents!
Ian visits the onsen and has regrets about his current accomodations, this week in KITAJIMA - enjoy!
Hop on the shuttle bus and head to the spa! It's Kitajima, Ian M's bilingual travel comic on SOLRAD Presents!
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