In this week's The Lighthouse in The City, Karl considers the nature of communication, the foolishness of people, and celebrates the Golden Age of No Awkward Personal Contact.
SOLRAD's publisher Alex Hoffman discusses the recent Twitter/Nobrow situation and details our steps to address it.
In the third week of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl muses on the growing fatigue of isolation, of the strength we find in our loved ones, and the slow dilation of time under quarantine.
In this second week of THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, Karl muses on the strangeness of Denver, life in the gilded cage, and the effect of face masks on himself and others. This is another stellar week of comics you won't want to miss!
Following up on our extract from Julian Brier's THE CATS OF OSTIA ANTICA, we have an interview with Ted Intorcio, the publisher of Tinto Press. Tinto is Kickstarting the publication of Brier's comic now.
Today we're excited to add another comic to our SOLRAD Presents imprint - Karl C. Krumpholz's THE LIGHTHOUSE IN THE CITY, which chronicles his life in social isolation with his wife during the COVID-19 pandemic. This post contains daily comics from April 1st - April 7th.
Publisher Alex Hoffman talks COVID-19 -- again. Things are getting hairy out there - stay safe, practice smart disease transmission prevention maneuvers, and enjoy some of our backlog.
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