Exclusive Preview: Glass Town by Isabel Greenberg

Today we are excited to share an exclusive preview of Isabel Greenberg’s latest comic, Glass Town.

Isabel is the two-time Eisner Award-winning author of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth and The One Hundred Nights of Hero. Her previous work has examined the nature of storytelling, fairytale, and myth, and has been celebrated by critics and readers alike.

Her new book Glass Town blends fact with fiction in a graphic novel that isn’t quite a biography, a story of the Brontës and their childhood writings.

From the publisher: Four children: Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne Brontë have invented a world so real and vivid that they can step right into it. But can reality be enough, when fiction is so enticing? And what happens to an imaginary world when its creators grow up?

Glass Town is published in the United States by Abrams ComicArts, and will be released on March 3rd, 2020.

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