michael aushenker
Manners will get you a long way, y'know! It's the magic of ABRACADBRA by Michael Aushenker on SOLRAD Presents.
In Michael Aushenker's ABRACADABRA on SOLRAD Presents today, a certain vegetable-based proverb comes to life!
Do you have a better way to tell your birds apart? It's Micheal Aushenker's ABRACADABRA on SOLRAD Presents!
We're starting from the bottom in this bumper ABRACADBRA strip from SOLRAD Presents and Michael Aushenker.
In today's ABRACADABRA from Michael Aushenker and SOLRAD Presents, we meet Frown after an unfortunate make up accident.
Meet the crew of Michael Aushenker's ABRACADABRA this week, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Enjoy a new comic from Michael Aushenker, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
Happy Monday! While PELICAN BASTARDS is still on hiatus, we're pleased to bring you a new workplace comedy comic from Michael Aushenker, starting today!
Outside of the pelicans' hideaway, Officers Napkin and Cajun are about to send up the K.A.L.M.A.R. drone to infiltrate the Pelican Bastards. But will it work?
This week in the PELICAN BASTARDS, Officer Cajun's residence is rocked by an uninvited aerial guest!
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