jef harmatz
In today's DANGER DIVER, our deep-sea friend considers the truffled seahorse, and offers a prize for diligent readers who can spot them!
The Danger Diver returns today with a look at a spectacularly weird creature, the spaghetti starfish. DANGER DIVER is brought to you by Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents.
How do you deal with the pressures of life at the bottom of the ocean? The Danger Diver shares some practical tips in today's comic!
Many strange creatures live on the ocean floor, including a whole class of animals called selfie-lopods. The Danger Diver explains!
Why is it called a sea cucumber? Danger Diver explores the world of vegetable-named sea life in his latest comic from Jef Harmatz!
Today the Danger Diver considers the spectrum of 'puses (tripuses, hexapuses, octopuses, and so on) until things get a little weird.
Who is predator and who is prey? The Danger Diver considers this all important question at the bottom of the sea in this week's comic!
Today, the Danger Diver wants to talk to you about soft bottoms. No, seriously. (DANGER DIVER is brought to you by your friends at SOLRAD Presents!)
What strange and unusual fish will the Danger Diver find today in the oceanic depths? There's only one way to find out!
Being in the deepest depths of the ocean means that, occasionally, the Danger Diver has to deal with... secretions. Check out the latest comic from Jef Harmatz!
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