jef harmatz
This week on DANGER DIVER we meet the Cursed Squid and the various ways the touch of its tentacles will take you under.
This week on Jef Harmatz's DANGER DIVER, our underwater adventurer introduces us to the panopticod.
This week, the DANGER DIVER asks us to consider not just all the weird fish at the bottom of the depths, but also... what is inside those weird fish?
In this week's DANGER DIVER, our trusty adventurer wonders - what could you do with an extra hole in your head?
We're back with the latest page of Jef Harmatz's DANGER DIVER, learning about the strange conglomeration of fast food trash and plant life called the driftweed.
This week in DANGER DIVER by Jef Harmatz, our aquatic adventurer descends in the pitch black abyss. Figuratively and literally.
Today, our deep diving friend the DANGER DIVER introduces us to the surlipus sea urchin which is not a very neighborly creature.
This week, the DANGER DIVER clears up a common misconception about the hairy octopus, and shares some of its variations swimming the ocean floor.
In this week's DANGER DIVER, our aquatic adventurer teaches us about a fascinating creature - the jag-shelled applecrab.
In this week's DANGER DIVER from SOLRAD Presents, our underwater guide introduces us to the beautiful world of sponges.
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