Danger Diver
The DANGER DIVER takes a break from the funny business to do some truth telling about the human drive to "connect the divide."
This week, the DANGER DIVER answers reader submitted questions with the help of the prognosticating prawn - enjoy!
Our aqueous friend the DANGER DIVER has everyone seeing stars in this week's comic from Jef Harmatz - enjoy!
All you fish watchers and scientists, give up your varied interests for the beauties of mollyology, this week in Jef Harmatz's DANGER DIVER from SOLRAD Presents.
In this dispatch from the DANGER DIVER, our intrepid adventurer finds representatives of each of the Seven Deadly Sins amongst the dwellers of the deep.
Our pal the DANGER DIVER is here to teach us about another deep water creature, the Spotted Decaying Ray. Who wants polka dots?
This week, the DANGER DIVER invites you to sit and stay awhile, and smell the kelp.
The DANGER DIVER is back to teach us about a new animal - this week it's the Catena Prawn and its strange clustering pattern - care for some garlic butter?
We've got a brand new DANGER DIVER for you this week, brought to you by Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents. Enjoy!
Our friend the DANGER DIVER reminds us that things aren't that hospitable at the extreme pressures of the oceanic depths - check out the latest page from Jef Harmatz!
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