In this week's MORE SEASONS OF GARY, Matt shares a story of a 'spit take' at the rehearsal dinner before his wedding in 2013.
In this episode of MORE SEASONS OF GARY, Matt MacFarland reflects on his dad's love of fishing (and fishing paraphernalia).
Today we have the latest page of Matt MacFarland's comic about his dad, MORE SEASONS OF GARY, brought to you by SOLRAD Presents!
This week in MORE SEASONS OF GARY, Matt reminisces about a formal photograph he had with his dad and brother in the 1990s. As expected, it goes of kilter.
This week, Matt MacFarland shares a story about working at his dad's vet clinic, needle stick injuries and all!
This week, Matt MacFarland reminds us all not to play air-flugel horn and drive. Check out the latest MORE SEASONS OF GARY
Strange coincidences and cruel memories are all a part of this week's MORE SEASONS OF GARY from Matt MacFarland.
Today's More Seasons of Gary introduces us to Gary's veterinary practice... and you have to put the chicory where?
This week in MORE SEASONS OF GARY, Matt shares a story about his father's trick to get out of eating spinach... for a while, at least.
Author & IllustratorMatt MacFarland

More Seasons of Gary

“More Seasons of Gary” collects anecdotes about the artist’s father in 4-panel comic strips organized by the time of year they occurred and those evocative colors. As the strips progress, the delivery and tone shifts from punch line driven gags to nuanced, long-form stories that reflect the loving but sometimes challenging relationship between father and son.


Instagram: @macfarlandart