Your pal the DANGER DIVER is happy to tell you all about the multitudes of things in the deep dark ocean, brought to you by Jef Harmatz & SOLRAD Presents!
It's Wednesday, so that mean's it's time to learn more about krill... yes, those little buggers, with your pal the DANGER DIVER!
This week, our friend the DANGER DIVER is talking to a scallop. It... doesn't go well. DANGER DIVER is brought to you by Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents!
Ready for dad jokes that masquerade as fish jokes? Me too! That's why I'm reading the latest DANGER DIVER by Jef Harmatz!
The DANGER DIVER presents a few off-kilter species of dolphin... which porpoise has the best purpose?
It's the 50th episode of DANGER DIVER by Jef Harmatz, brought to you through our SOLRAD Presents imprint. We hope you enjoy it!
You know about the deadly Man O' War, right? What about it's lesser known cousin, the Man O' Peace? The DANGER DIVER Has the scoop.
The DANGER DIVER isn't just interested in fish! Oh no, he's also interested in mollusks, and alliteration, this week from Jef Harmatz and SOLRAD Presents!
Even in a crowd, everyone's got a story - let's see a few of them with the platoonie fish in this week's DANGER DIVER from Jef Harmatz!A
Author & IllustratorJef Harmatz

Danger Diver

Danger Diver is a weekly comic strip where our intrepid narrator explores the curiosities that lurk at the bottom of the ocean. As below, so above.

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